Philips Rq310 Xpressive Body & Face Shaver

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Product Details

Shaving will be easy and quick with the Philips RQ310 mens shaver. Sleek and lightweight, this black shaver helps you to shave in difficult parts of the face easily. It has a slim design, which enables in quick and perfect shaving. It has a ComfortCut shaving system and Reflex Action system. There is a dual rotary shaver attachment that helps in shaving smoothly and swiftly without any cuts.


Specifications : Philips Rq310 Xpressive Body & Face Shaver

Brand :Philips
Series :Shavers
Model :RQ310/30
Colour :Black
Shaver Type :Foil                                                        
Pop-Up Trimmer :Yes
Wet/Dry Use :Both
Flexible Head :Yes
Grip :Rubber
Build Material :Plastic
Digital Display :No
Touch Control :No
Turbo Mode :No
Use With Shaving Foam :Yes                                                                                                                    
Washable :Yes
Oil Cleaning Required :No
Cleaning System Required :No                                                                                                                                  
Type                                  :Corded & Cordless         
Battery :NiMH
Charging Time :10 hours
Use Time :30 minutes
Voltage :220 volts
USB Charging :No
Plug Type :Indian
Weight :277 grams
Warranty :2 Years + 1 Year Extended Warranty Through Online Registration


Features : Philips Rq310 Xpressive Body & Face Shaver

  1. Reachargeble Battery : Yes
  2. Power : Automatic voltage: 100 - 240 V
  3. Warranty : 2 Years + 1 Year Extended Warranty Through Online Registration
  4. Touch : -
  5. Colour : Black
  6. Auto Overload Off : -
  7. Corded /Cordless : Corded & Cordless
  8. Brand : Philips
  9. Gauge : -
  10. Charging Time : 10 hours




Reviews : Philips Rq310 Xpressive Body & Face Shaver

Superb product . Excellent smoothness. It's so soft on skin.good features . Very easy and comfortable to keeps up to the brand image as expected.Battery back up is good and worth for buying we are recomanded this product buy now.






Description : Philips Rq310 Xpressive Body & Face Shaver

Trimming Comb

RQ310/30 comes with a trimming comb that helps you in giving a fine cut to your beard. With this trimming comb you can give a uniform cut to your beard. Moreover, it also helps you in drawing fine lines on the edges of the beard, so that you get perfectly groomed looks.

Slim Design

Carrying a slim design, the RQ310/30 by Philips is very easy to use and handle. The slim design of groomer enables you giving a fine trimming and shaving to even the curved areas of your face. It means that this shaver-trimmer conveniently grooms even the hard-to reach areas of your face. 

Dual Rotary Shaver

RQ310/30 consists of the Dual Rotary Shaver attachment that is meant to give you an enhanced shave taking complete care of your skin. It gives a fine shave keeping your skin smooth and soft.

 Highly Efficient Battery

RQ310/30 – the new Philips shave and trim kit can be used with a cord and also without a cord. It consists of a highly efficient NiMH rechargeable battery that enables you in using this groomer anywhere and anytime. Charge it for complete 10 hours and the battery gives you the running time of approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, charge it completely and your multi-groomer is ready to be used for a week. 

Dual Voltage System

RQ310/30 supports the Dual Voltage System, which means that this groomer will operate well even in a foreign country.  With the Dual Voltage System this multi-shaver supports both the 110 Voltage Systems and also the 240 Voltage Systems. It automatically adjusts to the higher current system in the other country. You don’t even need a transformer in order to convert the current. Therefore, with the Dual Voltage System, you can always carry along your groomer when travelling to a foreign country. 

Easy Grip

RQ310/30 consists of an anti-slip handle and therefore, you can hold it conveniently while shaving or trimming your beard. It makes a firm grip in to your hand and gives you a total control on the groomer. The non-slip grip prevents it from slipping out of your hands, even when wet. Therefore, it certainly adds to the high efficient performance of this style-shaver by Philips.

Easy to Clean

The RQ310/30 by Philips is 100 per cent water proof and therefore it is very easy to keep it clean. You can simply put it under the running water and instantly clean it every time after using. Moreover, as it is completely washable, it can safely be used even under the shower.

Light Indicator

RQ310/30 consists of a light indicator, which adds to the convenient usage of this trimming and shaving kit by Philips. With the help of this light indicator, you can easily know that when do you need to put your advanced multi-groomer on charging.