Philips Volcano Spa7000b 5.1 Speaker System

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Product Details

The Philips Volcano SPA7000B 5.1 Speaker System is sure to leave you impressed with its loud and crystal clear audio output. This 9000W PMPO sleek and elegant design speaker system comes with multiple connectivity options and will let you enjoy your music from a wide variety of sources.


Specifications : Philips Volcano Spa7000b 5.1 Speaker System

General Features

Brand :Philips  
Model :BDV-N9200W  
Channel :5.1  
Type :Blu Ray Home Theatre System  



AUX In :2 RCA  
AUX In (CD/DVD) :6 RCA  



Output :90W RMS  
Subwoofer :32 W  
Satellite Speakers :13 W Each  



Speaker :3 Inch  
Subwoofer :5 inch  


Audio Systems L/R Channels    

Audio power amplifier :Class - AB amplifier  
Channel separation :>35dB  
Input sensitivity :550mV  
Rated output power
:13 W X 5



Body Warranty Period :1 Year Manufacturer Warranty  



Features : Philips Volcano Spa7000b 5.1 Speaker System

Brand :Philips
Model :SPA7000B/94
Model Year :2015
Item Weight :10 Kg
Product Dimensions :45 x 50 x 24 cm            
Item model number :SPA7000B/94
Number Of Items :4
Speaker Channel Configuration              :5.1 channel
Audio Wattage :90 Watts
Voltage :230 Volts
Wattage :13 Watts
Batteries Included :No
Signal To Noise Ratio :60 dB
Connector Type :Wired




Reviews : Philips Volcano Spa7000b 5.1 Speaker System

Philips SPA7000B 5.1 channel speaker and get your house party rolling with loud and clear audio output. Sleek and elegant, this black Philips speaker comes with multiple connectivity options. Enjoy listening to music from your smartphone, laptop or pendrive as it comes with a USB port. Watch your favourite movies and enjoy a theatre-like feel with loud and clear audio by connecting it with a MP3 player. 




Description : Philips Volcano Spa7000b 5.1 Speaker System


Available in a black glossy finish and elegantly attractive design, Philips Volcano SPA7000B 5.1 Speaker System will add to the glamour of the room. Apart from the desk or floor standing subwoofer, there are also five satellite speakers those can be wall mounted for creating a surround sound experience. Both the subwoofer and the speakers have wooden cabinets and full range drivers of 12.7 cm and 7.62 cm respectively.

Bluetooth connectivity

You can easily connect Philips Volcano SPA7000B 5.1 Speaker System with any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity and play your music from those devices. For short range wireless communication, Bluetooth technology is considered as robust and energy efficient and the Bluetooth enabled speakers of this device will allow you to play your favorite music from any tablet, smartphone and also from Bluetooth enabled laptops.

Aux and USB Port

With its USB and SD card slots, Philips Volcano SPA7000B 5.1 Speaker System offers complete file transferability. You can not only connect any USB compatible device with it but can also play music stored in pen drives or SD cards with equal ease. This USB connectivity also allows you to easily connect the speaker system with your laptop or desktop PC and enjoy great time at your home. It also has 2 RCA Aux in and 6 RCA Aux in CD/DVD ports for connecting with MP3 player, PC, TV, CD, DVD and all your multimedia stuff.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality this 9000W PMPO speaker system from Philips is designed for giving you the best. It has a total sound out put power of 90W RMS and that for the subwoofer is 32W RMS. Each of the five satellite speakers has a maximum output level of 13w each. It also includes a loudspeaker box system for exceptional audio quality and also bass boost technology with level control and unique subwoofer design for producing richer and deeper bass sounds.